Heart Healthy Diet While Eating Out

Going out to eat can be a good way to relax and spend time with friends and family while taking a break from cooking your own food. Despite the seemingly endless assortment of delicious dishes, it is important that we do not forget about choosing a dish that will treat our hearts as well as it treats our tongues. In just about every place you go out to eat, there are heart healthy choices of which you can take advantage. ReactDx Inc., the leader in mobile cardiac monitors, has complied some grounds rules for dining out that can help you make choices that correspond to your rules.

  • Know What You are Eating: If you are unsure about what a dish contains, or how many calories it contains, ask your server for details. Some foods can look healthy in a picture, but contain large amounts of sodium or sugar inside.
  • Cut Back on the Soft Drinks: Soft drinks are notorious for containing high amounts of sugar. Limit yourself to one in a single setting and wash the rest down with water or juice.
  • Control the Condiments: Restaurants usually add bulk amounts of dressing and sauces to their food. Ask to have these condiments served on the side so you can control the amount you eat on your food.
  • Give Yourself One Treat Item: Going out should be fun, so treating yourself is a given. Limit yourself to one item that you have your mind set on and set the rest of your mind on heart healthy eating.

To learn more about what foods will help you live a heart healthy lifestyle, or to learn more about mobile cardiac monitors, browse the ReactDx blog, or call (800) 23-HEART.

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