Flexible, Insightful MCT Monitoring


Add TelePatch to Your Practice


True Dual-Channel Patch

TelePatch is the only true dual-channel patch on the market that delivers two distinct, comparative views of your patient's ECG.

Patented Diogenes Algorithm

The most advanced artificial intelligence on the market delivers the most comprehensive analysis of your patient's ECG capturing every beat, including the P-Wave.


Customizable Patient Reports

Select from multiple report styles and choose from several optimization features to see your patient's data the way you want to see it.


Patient Comfort

TelePatch can be worn as a dual-channel patch or with standard electrodes for patients with skin sensitivities. The integrated fingertip electrodes offer an adhesive-free option.

Optimized Patient Data

Fully-optimized patient reports shorten patient reports by showing the best representative strips of your patient’s arrhythmias.


On-Demand Summary Report

The Procedure-to-Date feature provides you with a comprehensive patient summary report at any point during the test.


The Most Comprehensive Analysis in the Industry

Every monitor is powered by our patented Diogenes algorithm—the only ECG algorithm that classifies and analyzes beat-to-beat Rate, Rhythm, Morphology, and P-Wave. We know, because we have the patent.

How it Works


Physician prescribes a monitoring procedure for the patient.


Patient wears TelePatch for the prescribed length of time, and ECG data is captured.


ECG data is wirelessly transmitted to the TelePatch Handset.


TelePatch Handset transmits ECG data to ReactDx’s Cardiac Monitoring Centers.


Physician receives customizable patient reports for interpretation.

Experience the Most Advanced and Convenient Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring System