ReactDx’s Role in Clinical Trials for the Advancement of Heart Monitoring

For years, ReactDx has been on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to mobile cardiac monitors. From Holter monitors to smart phone connected telemetry, our dedication to improving physician to patient care drives our continued efforts to create the next innovation in heart monitoring.

As lead innovators in the heart monitoring industry, ReactDx offers ECG clinical trial services. We have partnered with CROs, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and medical device companies, providing the accuracy and efficiency of our devices to help reach the next level of medical care in other medical fields. Our services extend the reliable and professional expectations of our staff in the form of:

  • Symptomatic and asymptomatic AF monitoring
  • Intelligent Holter monitoring
  • Mobile cardiac telemetry
  • Auto-capture, looping, and non-looping monitoring
  • Flexible ECG data collection that correlate results with drug titration levels

Additionally, ReactDx also offers various data management, consulting, and analytic services:

  • Multi-center data management
  • Customized data management
  • HRV analysis
  • QT analysis
  • ST analysis
  • Comprehensive PSVT statistical analysis
  • Comprehensive and flexible AF burden analysis
  • Secure web reporting
  • Patient reminders
  • Endpoint consulting

We understand the importance of accuracy and the uniqueness of each clinical trial, which is why we pay close attention to the needs of each research team and develop our services to fit their needs. Therein lies the personal level of attention that allows us to become an active partner in each project, sharing expert opinions and assisting in the creation of the clinical trial that meets your demands.

ReactDx is a leader in the cardiac monitoring industry. To learn more about ReactDx and the services we offer, such as mobile cardiac monitors, please browse our website, or call (800) 23-HEART.

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    On: all lights. Off: no light. Monitoring - Good: green light. Symptom press: green light, sound. Check Pendant: blue light. Check Battery: red light, sound.
    Do: wear always, fully insert in cradle, turn off to charge, dry, key near handset, return promptly. Don't: discard pendant, submerge, move patch