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React Diagnostics is happy to help patients navigate the insurance industry on their behalf at no extra cost.  React Diagnostics strives to control costs and does not hesitate to confront questionable insurance determinations to ensure you receive full advantage of your benefits.

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ReactDx understands that patients have the right to choose various payment methods and third-party vendors (e.g., DOXO, PayPal, etc.) to pay our invoices.  Please be aware that these vendors may charge you fees for using their online bill-pay services, but we are not affiliated with any of them and we do not receive any fees from them.  You can always use the link below without incurring any fees to pay our invoices directly to ReactDx.  Thank you.

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You should know…

  • The cost of at-home heart monitoring testing is usually not included in the bill you receive from your doctor or other health care provider.
  • Most insurance providers, including Medicare, cover the testing. You will still be responsible for any co-pays, co-insurance, and any amount under your deductible.
  • Your test is billed at a flat rate, and the cost is the same regardless of how many days your testing lasts or how many recordings you make.
  • The Explanation of Benefits (EOB) notification you will receive is not a bill. It simply lets you know that your provider filed a claim with your insurance company. You will receive a bill for the actual amount you owe for the test.
  • Payment options may be available. If you do incur out-of-pocket costs for your test and are unable to pay the full amount billed right away, please contact us. We may be able to help.

You’re not alone

React Diagnostics strives to control costs and does not hesitate to confront questionable insurance determinations to ensure you receive full advantage of your health care benefits. Rather than placing the burden on you, React Diagnostics will work on your behalf to generate the best possible outcome for you.

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