Our Team

The people of ReactDx are energized, dedicated, laser-focused, independent thinkers with strong integrity and steadfast ethics always searching for ways to help physicians add quality years to patients’ lives.

Leadership Team

Tony Balda

Tony Balda

Tony currently serves as the President of ReactDx, and has dedicated over 20 years to the healthcare and med-tech industry.

Neville Bilbrey, an older man with light skin and short, white hair, smiling at the camera

Neville Bilbrey
Senior VP of Growth and Development

As the SVP of Growth and Development, Neville brings over 26 years of experience in medical sales and marketing to his role at ReactDx.

David Gibson

David Gibson
Senior VP of Operations and Technology

As the SVP of Operations and Technology, David Gibson leads the software product engineering team and is responsible for IT systems and cyber security at ReactDx.

Regina Rossano

Regina Rossano, MS, CCT, RCEPsm
Senior VP of Clinical Operations

Regina Rossano is responsible for overseeing ReactDx’s multiple clinical monitoring centers as well as the departments of Patient Support, Quality Assurance, and Clinical Trials & Research.

George Koos

George Koos
VP of Product and Strategy

George brings over 20 years of experience in results-oriented medical sales, marketing, strategy, and product development in both the U.S. and international markets to his role at ReactDx.

Dan Malkos

Dan Malkos
VP of Finance

Dan has over 30 years of Healthcare Finance Experience. He has worked in hospitals, physician practices, and Skilled Nursing Companies. Dan has vertically moved up in his career, and during this time, has served as the top finance person in a number of different healthcare companies ranging in size from $30M to $2B in Revenue.