Patient Reports

ReactDx delivers patient reports with data visualizations and features that put the most actionable data into your hands.

From a Physician’s Perspective

ReactDx reports offer unmatched flexibility with industry-leading report turnaround.

Seamless Integration Into Your Practice

Manage patient data how it best fits your practice with a Free EMR integration or through our Arrhythmia Access portal.

A laptop shows data and a list of patients and reports. A phone shows the same information on an app

The Arrhythmia Access Portal

The easiest and most-intuitive dashboard in the industry organizes all of your patient’s data in one place.

With its improved design and enhanced features, Arrhythmia Access allows you to:

  • Prioritize timely patient notifications and see simple summary views of all open and closed tests.
  • Easily assign reports to reading physicians who can edit strip labels and electronically sign reports.
  • Custom views let you filter patient reports by reading physician, medical specialty, office location, and type of test.

Patient Reports, Your Way

Our new customizable patient reports help you diagnose and treat patients faster and better.