The Effects of Excessive Sugar on the Heart

The heart is the hardest working muscle in the body, pumping blood through the veins of the body at a steady pace without a moment of rest. It stands to reason that keeping out unnecessary stress on the heart would be essential to improving the overall health of an individual. However, with the temptations of delicious treats it’s not hard to see why people forget about what is best for their hearts in order to enjoy some sugary foods. It is important for people to understand the effects consuming sugar on a regular basis has on the body, and a recent study has revealed just how damaging sugar is on the heart.

Researchers have understood for a long time how high sugar levels and diabetes can put extra stress on the heart, however, they did not understand how exactly it affected the tissues in the heart itself. The results of the recent study revealed that sugar adds stress to the heart by decreasing the functionality of the heart’s muscles, ultimately leading to the failure of the afflicted tissue.

This stress was further increased in patients suffering from high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure. The findings of this test were supported by the observations of patients that used sugar-blocking drugs like rapamycin. These patients showed reduced amounts of stress and damage on the heart when exposed to the same levels of sugar. Overall the findings of this study played a significant role in understanding how sugar causes muscle damage and leads to increased chances of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Keeping a healthy heart is the first step to attaining a healthy body. Maintaining a low sugar diet is an easy way to keep unwanted stress and damage off the heart. To learn more about keeping a healthy heart visit the ReactDx Inc. website today.

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