TelePatch Cardiac Monitoring System

When ReactDx conceptualized the idea of a new portable cardiac monitor, they brought together the best technology they had contrived in the past, including the stringent beat-for-beat rate, rhythm, morphology, and P-wave analysis indicative of all their monitors, then added all other possible features while addressing the complaints they had heard from customers and physicians utilizing portable cardiac monitors in the past. The result was TelePatchTM, the most advanced portable cardiac monitor on the market.

As with ReactDx’s extended line of cardiac monitors, TelePatch includes the Diogenes proprietary algorithm, which delivers 99 percent accuracy and sensitivity. Diogenes is able to identify more than 40 specific cardiac anomalies and boasts the most advanced artificial intelligence technology in the industry.

In the past, doctors would prescribe one of several tests which would require patients to wear one or more types of cardiac monitors. With TelePatchs versatility, Holter, telemetry, and event procedures are all available in one convenient monitor. Even better, these multiple tests do not require special billing codes; simply utilize existing regular billing codes when completing insurance forms.

While single-channel ECG recordings document adequate information for many patients by measuring one lead at a time, TelePatch is available in dual-channel ECG recordings as well. Dual-channel allows more specific readings of transient cardiac arrhythmias and recognizes more precisely the location of ischemic episodes as it measures multiple leads simultaneously.  

Patients have various options available with TelePatch, including wired electrodes similar to many other models or integrated fingertip electrodes. A single-use patch lasts up to 7 days, even when the patient wears the water-resistant TelePatch while showering or bathing. Battery life is extended with TelePatch as well, lasting an entire week, which strengthens long-term readings as well as compliance since batteries do not fail after only a few days.

All information captured via TelePatch is transmitted to the included TelePatch handset. From there, the data are routed to a ReactDx Cardiac Monitoring Center where a customizable report is created using parameters set by the patient’s physician. Reports are sent electronically to the physician for interpretation.

With all these advanced features, it’s no wonder TelePatch sets the standard for all other wearable cardiac monitors. Contact ReactDx at 800-23-HEART or online for more information pertaining to TelePatch and our other state-of-the-art products.

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    On: all lights. Off: no light. Monitoring - Good: green light. Symptom press: green light, sound. Check Pendant: blue light. Check Battery: red light, sound.
    Do: wear always, fully insert in cradle, turn off to charge, dry, key near handset, return promptly. Don't: discard pendant, submerge, move patch