Keeping Patient Data Secure

In order to grow a satisfied patient base, it is important to establish a relationship built upon trust. While your words and actions are the most positive source of trust, another — much newer — component of trust is protecting patient data. The telemetry unit specialists at ReactDx share the following information pertaining to your role in keeping all forms of patient data secure.

Secure Storage
Cybersecurity in health care is more than a customer-service phase that falls in and out of vogue. In day-to-day conversations, your staff understands the need for patient confidentiality, but how much do they truly understand about cybersecurity? HIPAA standards specify that all links in online patient record-keeping must be HIPAA compliant. If even one minor portion does not meet HIPAA standards, the entire network is non-compliant, and, even worse, records can more easily be breached by cybercriminals. The BBC recently noted that less than 10% of the world’s data is stored on a cloud because very few people truly understand the technology and believe information is not secure in a cloud. In reality, HIPAA-compliant cloud storage is much more secure than almost any other form of storage.

Put Patients at Ease
With electronic health records (EHRs), your office runs more smoothly since patient records are available at any work station and several people can view the same information simultaneously. This readily available information frightens many patients, who believe their private information is likely to be leaked to the world. Be sure to allay those fears by discussing who has access to their information, how the records are used, and the process you use to protect that information.

Conduct Audits
Be sure to conduct a third-party audit of your software to determine whether it is meeting the standards you have set, that all office personnel are well versed in utilizing the software, and that all vendors and software are HIPAA compliant.

Medical information is near the top of the list for cybercriminals to steal. EHRs contain social security numbers, health insurance identification numbers, patient information, financial information, and other vital patient records that should never be publicized. Patients have a right to secure medical records, and you have the important task of keeping that data secure. Follow HIPAA guidelines carefully, and openly discuss with your patients any concerns they might have. The trust you build will benefit everyone. Read more about the latest in technology and healthcare by visiting ReactDx’s website, and call us at 800-23-HEART or contact us online to learn about our telemetry units.

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