Benefits of Cardiac Monitoring

Cardiac monitoring is the observation of your heart by a heart monitor to help discover cardiac arrhythmias and other heart conditions that may be present and to help determine heart health. By displaying the activity of your heart into information useful to doctors, you can determine if your heart rate is going above certain criteria or predetermined number that may put you at risk for a cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythms) or any other type of cardiac abnormality.

One of the most accurate ways to be aware of your cardiac health is to wear a heart monitor underneath your clothing and close to your heart. A Holter monitor, a portable device that continually monitors electrical activity of your cardiovascular system, can be worn for various amounts of time, depending on what conditions your doctor establishes you may have. The advantage of wearing a Holter monitor is that you can continue on your daily activities while your heart is being monitored. When you return to the doctor, they can help diagnose any possible abnormal conditions you may have through the interpretation of the data your monitor presents.

Mobile cardiac telemetry is also a convenient way for doctors to monitor and detect arrhythmias. Using your smartphone and a portable heart monitor, these work together to provide wireless transmissions of electrocardiogram (ECG) waves to a monitoring center where the data can be interpreted almost immediately to trained staff. This can help capture symptoms of arrhythmias even if the patient doesn’t realize they may be having one.

Heart monitors can also help you ascertain a level of exercise and activity your body can handle without exerting yourself beyond what may be appropriate for your heart and body. These diagnostic advantages and the ability to record data both continually and in real-time can help your doctor determine potential risks and causes of cardiac abnormalities.

At ReactDx we provide the advanced cardiac monitoring services that patients need to provide physicians with informative data and faster diagnoses. For more product information on our cardiac monitoring services, call us at 800-234-3278.

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    On: all lights. Off: no light. Monitoring - Good: green light. Symptom press: green light, sound. Check Pendant: blue light. Check Battery: red light, sound.
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