Welcome to Enhanced Enrollments!

The enrollments process in Arrhythmia Access has an updated look and some new features.  Please note that some items are site-specific and may look slightly different in your portal.

New Features


You can save an enrollment as a draft at any point during the enrollment process as long as minimum patient data has been entered (First Name, Last Name, DOB and Sex). 

Save as Draft

You can then re-open the enrollment from the ‘Draft Enrollments’ tab later.

Enrollments will also be auto-saved every 90 seconds once the minimum patient data is entered.

Draft Enrollments can also be deleted.   Delete Draft

NOTE: If an enrollment is saved as a draft any device information is removed and will need to be re-entered when completing the enrollment.  This prevents your inventory being allocated to draft enrollments.

If your practice has multiple locations, use the ‘Change Facility’ button to switch between ordering offices.  Facilities that the user has access to can be selected from the list.


NOTE: The ‘Change Facility’ button is only available to users with access to multiple sites.


Easily add files to the enrollment.  Driver’s license, insurance card, face sheet, medical records, prior testing or other items.

File Upload

Allowed file types: PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF

Maximum file size: 100MB

The text in the Medical Necessity section will auto-populate with information that has been entered in the form and selected checkboxes.  The narrative produced can be edited by the user as needed.

Patient Information

Patient Information
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • MRN ID
  • DOB
  • Sex
  • Email (unless ‘Not Applicable’ box is checked)
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Address


NOTE: Once Last Name, First Name, DOB and Sex are entered the enrollment will auto-save as a draft every 90 seconds.

Additional Contact Information

Additional Contact Information

Easily add additional contact information for the patient or contact information for a spouse, parent, child and more.

Designate the contact as emergency, office, secondary or other.

Procedure Information

Procedure Information

Available procedures will be found in list with pictures for ease of selection.

The Handset ID and Pendant ID boxes will be pre-populated with the inventory available at your location for the selected procedure type.  Selection of either the Handset ID or the Pendant ID will auto-fill the accompanying handset or pendant.

NOTE: Selecting Home Hookup will gray-out the Handset ID and Pendant ID boxes.

NOTE: If the enrollment is saved as a draft by the user, any devices entered will be removed from the enrollment.

Insurance Information

Insurance Information

As your facility enrolls patients, the drop-down list of insurance companies will start to push the most commonly utilized insurance options to the top of the list.

Selecting ‘Self’ as the Relationship Type auto-fills the patient’s name in this section.

The system will validate that the insurance information provided is correct.  NOTE: This is not an insurance authorization, simply a validation that the insurance policy is active.

Physician Information

Physician Information

Each enrollment requires an Ordering Physician.  Select the physician from the facility list or add a new physician easily.

The ‘New Physician’ button launches a pop-up where you can search for a physician by name, NPI and/or state.

Multiple physicians can be added to the enrollment and designated as Ordering, Referring, Reporting, Assigning or Other.

NOTE: Notification Contact information entered here will NOT override the Notification Contacts on file for your site.

Medical Necessity

Medical Necessity

Easily add multiple diagnoses from a searchable list.  The system will also warn you if a diagnosis selection requires a secondary diagnosis code.

The text in the Medical Necessity section will auto-populate with information that has been entered in the enrollment and from the selected checkboxes.  The narrative will include the patient’s name, DOB and previous testing as entered during enrollment.

NOTE: The narrative produced can be edited by the user as needed.

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    *This form is intended for sales inquiries/information only. Do not include any patient health information (PHI) with your submission.

    On: all lights. Off: no light. Monitoring - Good: green light. Symptom press: green light, sound. Check Pendant: blue light. Check Battery: red light, sound.
    Do: wear always, fully insert in cradle, turn off to charge, dry, key near handset, return promptly. Don't: discard pendant, submerge, move patch