What to Look Forward to at the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions

The Heart Rhythm Society’s 39th annual Scientific Sessions is set to take place from May 9-12 in Boston, Massachusetts. The expo, which focuses on ending the death and suffering caused by heart rhythm disorders, brings awareness to an issue affecting millions of people, as well as revealing new patient care techniques, technology, and scientific advancements. In addition to dozens of exhibits, cardiac experts will lead educational sessions and symposiums. ReactDx, creators of the Holter patch, will join other industry leaders in attendance.


A total of 7,600 heart rhythm professionals are expected to attend the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions this year. Attendees include scientists, international leaders, researchers, world-renowned clinicians, and companies whose focus is on creating technology for detecting and treating arrhythmias. Though the expo focuses on scientific advancements and techniques, the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions is open to the public. Heart rhythm disorders affect millions of people, but they often go unnoticed despite serious and sometimes deadly complications. This expo is expected to provide much needed awareness.  


Varied sessions will allow attendees the opportunity to learn new techniques used both within the industry and in patient care. How-to sessions will discuss step-by-step clinical procedures, while mini-sessions will report on new findings and important updates. Additional session types are abstract presentations, translational electrophysiology, case-based tutorial, mini board review, core curriculum, meet the experts, and rapid-fire cases.


The Exhibit Hall will feature product demonstrations and booths by industry leaders. Representatives will be available to demonstrate the latest equipment developments and new cutting-edge services. Exhibits include Holter diagnostics and equipment, x-ray protection apparel and systems, diagnostic and therapeutic medications, journals, market research, and clinical trials. Visit ReactDx at booth 562 to learn about the most advanced and convenient ambulatory cardiac monitoring devices.

ReactDx, inventors of a top-notch Holter patch, will be on hand at the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions. You can learn more about the company’s devices by speaking with a representative on-site at booth 562, or by calling 800-234-3278. You’ll also want to check out our News and Updates Page for more information on how to keep your heart healthy.

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