Using Your Phone to Track Your Health

ReactDx, the portable cardiac monitor specialists, has a long history of combining technology with health care. Recent innovations in cell phone apps have given a large population access to physicians and centralized recordkeeping to help manage their health. Below is a sampling of some of the top performing apps on the market.

  • Medici (for iOS or Android phones): Calling your doctor and having to wait while the receptionist finds the nurse (who is, in turn, looking for the doctor) seems to take forever, especially when you only had a simple question. Medici gives you direct, instant access to your physician to help the two of you easily communicate. Send a list of symptoms to your doctor with pictures or videos to help the diagnosis process. Your doctor can even prescribe medication via Medici. While the app is free, some physicians may charge for a consultation, which you can pay through the Medici app. Medici is available for pediatricians, dentists, and veterinarians as well.

  • MyChart (for iOS and Android phones): You may be familiar with your physician’s MyChart program where you can log on to a computer to check lab results, make payments, or contact your doctor. MyChart’s app allows the same functionality and ties in to your Apple watch or Fitbit to track steps, list medications with instructions and a quick reorder feature, and give appointment reminders. Multiple doctors have access to your MyChart account, so any information from their offices on changes in medication, notes for you, and appointments can update your chart. When your health information is stored in one location, it’s much simpler to access your history and for the doctor to see your health records quickly.

  • CareZone (for iOS and Android phones): Improper medicine dosages are dangerous. Reading the little letters on your bottles is difficult, and remembering when to take the medicines is another problem. CareZone tracks your medications, sends reminders on when to take them, allows you to check your blood glucose levels and blood pressure, and can automatically refill your medications and have them sent to your door — for free! And the best part? You don’t have to manually add every medication to the CareZone list by typing in those really long names. Instead, simply take a picture of the label and CareZone will do the rest. CareZone is also licensed to check Medicare to see if you can save money — just scan your card and they will let you know.

  • Corrie (iOS phones): Created by Johns Hopkins University, Corrie has a multi-focused approach to preventing patients from being readmitted to the hospital after treatment for a heart attack. It tracks activities to show when patients have met goals in exercise and taking medications; records heart rate, blood pressure, mood, weight, and more; and makes the patient mindful of different aspects of health care. In a clinical trial, only 3 percent of patients who used Corrie were readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of initial treatment, as compared to 19 percent of patients readmitted who did not use Corrie.

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