Extended Holter Reports in Hours, Not Weeks

Get the most out of your Extended Holter tests with the most advanced ambulatory cardiac monitor technology on the market.

The TelePatch system provides benefits for Extended Holter tests that competitive monitors don't.


Add TelePatch to Your Practice


Dual-Channel Patch

The only true Dual-Channel patch available for Extended Holter, TelePatch delivers two distinct, comparative views of your patient’s ECG.


Faster Data Availability

Shorten report turnaround time by up to two weeks by eliminating the need for patients to mail back their device.


24-Hour Report Turnaround

Receive your patient reports in less than 24 hours after ReactDx receives patient data.


Patient Comfort

TelePatch can be worn as a dual-channel patch or with standard electrodes for patients with skin sensitivities. The integrated fingertip electrodes offer an adhesive-free option.


Replaceable Patch

Each patient kit includes multiple adhesive patches, ensuring that your patients can complete the full monitoring period.


1-Hour STAT Reports

Request STAT reports to receive actionable reports within one hour of ReactDx receiving patient data.

How TelePatch Stacks Up

Checklist comparing TelePatch to BioTel ePatch and Zio XT. TelePatch has seven out of seven checks

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