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ReactDx to Attend AF Symposium in Orlando January 12-14

ReactDx, leaders in diagnostic cardiology since 1981, has again announced that it will have representatives at the 2017 AF Symposium to be held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida.

The symposium serves as a stage for ReactDx to demonstrate its newest signature cardiac monitoring technology. The TelePatch acts as a 3-in-1 monitor that utilizes the capabilities of a Holter, mobile cardiac telemetry unit, and wireless event monitor all in one convenient wearable patch.

The TelePatch also can be adjusted in three convenient options of wear to allow the patient to continue with daily life at ease. These options include:

  • Single-use seven-day patch available in both single and dual-channels.
  • Traditional wired electrode setting.
  • Patented integrated fingertip electrodes.

The TelePatch, with its lightweight design, can be worn at ease under clothing and may even be used in the shower. The TelePatch is also industry-leading with its seven-day-plus battery life.

Even without the shining reviews that patients give TelePatch, physicians are impressed with the device’s ability to provide improved data in patient care assistance. Knowing that individuality is key for each patient, ReactDx’s patented Diogenes algorithm allows physicians to customize reports that are based heavily on the individual. The data that is recorded can be presented visually through charts and percentages or reported standardly which can explain any cardiac event captured by TelePatch.

“We are excited to be returning to the AF symposium in 2017,” says Danny Condra, Product Manager at ReactDx. “It is a pleasure to speak with premier physicians about ReactDx’s forward-thinking technology such at TelePatch. We are dedicated to advancing diagnostic cardiology technology and helping physicians add quality years to patients’ lives,” Condra ends.

Visit ReactDx in Booth 234 at the AF Symposium.

About ReactDx

Founded in 1981, ReactDx is recognized as a technology leader in the telemedicine industry, pioneering cutting-edge products and services, and developing new applications that result in better clinical outcomes across multiple specialties. ReactDx’s clinical monitoring centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing remote monitoring to patients throughout the world. For more information, visit www.reactdx.com, or call (800) 23-HEART.

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