Kaiser Permanente Network Solution

ReactDx’s exceptional technological capabilities enabled the creation of the world’s largest and most advanced Holter network system, interconnecting Kaiser’s 27 hospitals throughout Northern California. The network is comprised of four central scanning sites located in Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Clara, and 23 remote editing or report stations.

This unprecedented achievement allowed a patient to be set up in a remote location apart from where the Holter record was scanned. For example, a patient living in Napa could be set up at the local facility. Upon completion of the procedure the Holter record was transferred to Oakland via telecommunications. The record was then scanned and the edited report became available in Napa later that same day. Sophisticated automated routing systems developed by ReactDx enabled Holter records to be sent not only to default locations, but also to alternate secondary sites during periods of backlog or peak flow.

A key advantage of the Holter network created by ReactDx was an ability to utilize Kaiser’s existing hardware resources, providing significant savings. The integration of the HP TraceMaster system at seventeen of Kaiser’s networked sites means true interactive multi-tasking.

According to Kaiser, the implementation of ReactDx’s Holter Network not only decreased costs by 50% but also increased productivity. The exceptional performance of ReactDx’s PM350 Patient Recorder-Analyzers helped to substantially reduce the number of lost procedures resulting from noise often inherent in tape systems. Most dramatic, however, is that the turnaround time for a completed Holter report was reduced from five days to same day availability.

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