Heart Problems Don’t Discriminate

Whether you are old or young, no matter what beliefs you have or what gender you are, heart disease and heart problems can still happen to you. Often times when people think of heart problems they think of the elderly and don’t believe anything could happen to the young. Here at ReactDx, we have been advancing diagnostic cardiology since 1981 and provide various options to people who suffer from heart problems that help monitor heart beats and its rhythm, no matter what your age.

Different Types of Monitoring

Cardiac monitoring – Is the observation of your heart using a heart monitor to help discover cardiac irregularities.
Holter monitor – Is a heart monitor worn underneath clothes close to the heart, and records electrical activity. The length of time that you wear it depends on what your doctor recommends.
Mobile cardiac telemetry – Monitors and detects arrhythmias. The information is recorded and collected by using your smartphone and a portable heart monitor. The smartphone and heart monitor work together to provide wireless transmissions of electrocardiogram (ECG) waves and sends the data to a monitoring center.
Heart monitors – Helps you monitor the level of exercise and activity your body can handle without exerting yourself beyond what may be appropriate for your heart and body.
Cardiac Monitoring – A heart monitor to help discover cardiac arrhythmias and other heart conditions that may be present and to help determine heart health.

Most Common Symptoms that Might Indicate a Heart Problem in Babies:

Getting out of breath with feeds
Getting sweaty with feeds
Turning blue inside the mouth (gums/tongue)
Passing out


Unable to keep up physically with other children
Getting out of breath with activity sooner than other children
Getting sweaty with activity sooner than other children
Turning blue around the gums/tongue
Passing out

Older Children/Teens

Unable to keep up physically with other children
Getting out of breath with activity sooner than other children
Getting sweaty with exercise sooner than other children
Turning blue around the gums/tongue
Chest pain with exercise
Passing out
Palpitations – heart skipping a beat or beating abnormally
Dizziness with exercise

At ReactDx, we provide the advanced cardiac monitoring services that patients need to provide physicians with informative data and faster diagnoses. For more product information on our cardiac monitoring services, call us at 800-23-HEART or fill out our contact form.

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