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Celebrating ReactDx’s 35th Anniversary

This year marks a milestone for ReactDx – our 35th anniversary. Founded in 1981, ReactDx has pioneered cardiac monitoring with the development and manufacture of diagnostic heart monitors. Coupled with their 24-hour-a-day patient telemedicine centers, ReactDx has become a world leader in ambulatory electrocardiograph (ECG) technology.

ReactDx displayed an innovative spirit from its inception, immediately taking the industry by storm with the first wearable ambulatory Holter device. In 1986, ReactDx patented the Diogenes rate-rhythm-morphology algorithm, providing more expedient diagnoses with a more accurate atrial fibrillation burden analysis. The Diogenes algorithm was paired with an event monitor in 2004 to give patients and physicians a more accurate picture of patient heart activity. ReactDx did not rest on that success, however, and patented the world’s first and only P-wave analysis algorithm. Within six years, cellular phones became significantly smarter and the new decade heralded in technology changes. ReactDx answered the call with the world’s first and only P-wave analysis tool available as mobile cardiac telemetry in 2010. That technology was carried to a wireless event monitor with P-wave analysis in 2013.

Technology is not the only area where ReactDx is recognized as a proven leader. ReactDx works with physicians and researchers around the world in clinical trials and studies specific to cardiac health. In the CABANA clinical trial, which began in 2009, ReactDx’s cardiac monitor was chosen to determine heart function in patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. This six-year study spanned 100 American cities plus 40 international sites and involved 2,000 patients; its researchers entrusted ReactDx to provide portable cardiac monitors to all the clinical patients.

Understanding customer needs is the key to a successful business. Because of his background in cardiology, ReactDx’s chairman, Dr. Dan Balda, recognizes both physician and the patient needs. Dr. Balda’s core value of putting the patient first encourages ReactDx to develop user-friendly products monitored by a professional staff in 24-hour-a-day cardiac monitoring centers around the world. Patients and physicians benefit from ReactDx’s easy-to-wear mobile cardiac telemetry because patient compliance rates increase drastically with a product end-users find simple to use and interpret. Dr. Balda’s perspective assures patients, physicians, and caregivers receive the best ReactDx can offer in service, products, and monitoring.

Call ReactDx today at 800-23-HEART (800-234-3278) to learn more about our products and services. Our blogs showcase the latest in cardiac monitoring technology, TelePatchTM Cardiac Monitoring System.

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    Do: wear always, fully insert in cradle, turn off to charge, dry, key near handset, return promptly. Don't: discard pendant, submerge, move patch