Benefits and Features of an Event Recorder

Medical care is slowly but surely making advancements on a daily basis. As technology advances, the amount of care and attention doctors can give to each of their patients increases. One example of this change in care through technology is advancement of the cardiac event monitor.

Cardiac event recorders have changed from being large clunky machines, only found in hospitals, to portable devices that patients can fit in their pockets and take with them where they go. Now, if a patient comes to their doctor with concerns about their heart, the doctor can simply get them set up with an event recorder and let them get back to their daily routines. Once the recording is done, the doctor can take time to carefully review the results and get back to their patient with the best course of action.

There are three particular features of modern-day heart monitors that make them so convenient for doctors and patients:

  • Wireless data – All of the information that is recorded from the patient’s heart is submitted to cardiac technicians through a wireless connection. This is what allows clinicians to monitor the patient without the patient physically being near.
  • Portable battery – Although this is a given for most portable devices today, the portable battery in a cardiac event recorder is a significant step up from being plugged into a wall. Now the recordings of the device can accurately reflect the heart’s condition during day-to-day activities instead of recording the patient’s heart while they’re restricted to a stationary position. This advantage allows for a more accurate diagnosis concerning certain heart conditions.
  • Cloud sharing – In addition to the computers at the office, doctors can now bring up patients’ monitoring reports right on their mobile devices. This allows doctors to quickly communicate any concerns the device may show so the patient can take the best course of action.

Wireless event monitors allow for more accurate readings, giving the patient a quicker diagnosis and treatment plan. Their convenience is unmeasurable, and their assistance in helping those suffering from a heart condition is unquestionable. To find out more about wireless event recorders, check out the ReactDx Inc. blog today.

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